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URGENT!  Chip in to WIN! We need your help to stop Measure 101 by January 23rd.  Make a grassroots contribution today!

Your contribution will help us stop $330 million in new healthcare sales taxes!

Use your political tax credit ($50 per person, $100 per taxpaying couple) to help us fight nearly $4 MILLION in special-interest campaign funding and the Washington DC consultants who are trying to convince people that taxing their own healthcare makes healthcare cheaper.  A NO vote protects seniors, veterans, and families from higher insurace and hospital costs.

With your help, we’ll stop Measure 101 and force the legislature to go back to the table to pass a fair Medicaid funding package that doesn’t require consumer-level taxes on healthcare.

Download & Print Petition

Download and Print a petition for every registered voter in your household and return it to us as soon as possible, but not later than October 1, 2017.

Get Acrobat Reader for PDF files.